Teaching @ Yoga House this Winter -Metromix Twin Cities

Teaching @ Yoga House this Winter -Metromix Twin Cities

Yoga House

Tucked cozily on the border between Minneapolis and Edina, Yoga House specializes in Ashtanga (“a precise sequence of postures with a controlled breathing technique”) and MySore (characterized by a silent sequence of poses that are tailored to the practitioner’s need) styles of yoga.

Chris Balser, who will teach Intro to Ashtanga on Sundays this winter, describes Yoga House’s philosophy as “finding the posture based on individual needs, not book-based aesthetics. We embrace the beauty in a person’s expression of that posture, rather than his/her flexibility.”  Emphasis is placed on the sensation (or, in yoga speak, “vibrations”) of the experience rather than whether or not you can touch the floor in Triangle or find lift-off in Crane Pose.

Because the Ashtanga method is most effective when practiced daily, students are encouraged to make a commitment to attend class at least three times a week.

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