Teaching Yoga at CTSI

Teaching Yoga at CTSI

have been teaching Yoga to men in transition from Jail/Prison to life since June, 2009.

This was not an easy transition, considering I have been teaching mostly upper-middle-class women for most of my career as an instructor.

The interview entailed “auditioning” for the spot, teaching a 1.5 hour class to the guys at CTSI.  It probably would have gone better for me if I had not been the second applicant  — two days after an attractive female had  demonstrated downward-facing-dog to the entire population.

I decided to speak about philosophy, rather than compete with “the yoga booty” as described by some of the more vocal men.

The hair on my neck was at full attention (which is pretty remarkable, considering the fact that I am bald) throughout my discourse, as 1/3 the guys fell asleep; 1/3 mumbled and grumbled with discontent, and 1/3 looked as if they would kill me if I took the job [from the down-dog-girl].

Things got a bit rough about twenty-minutes before the scheduled finale, with what I perceived was the climax of discontent.  I looked over at the attending counselor, who did not seem at all affected, and made a gesture (finger across throat) that we should end early.  We did.

I made my getaway to the exit thinking nothing but out, out, out, when the director saw me and called me into his office.  “I heard it went well”, he said.  “Can we count on you being here next Tuesday.”  “Not a chance”, I thought as the word “Y E S” came out of my mouth.

The men at CTSI are some of the smartest, kindest people I have ever met.  I learn as much, if not more, from them as they do from me, and we always have a good time together.

More soon!

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