Personalized Training with Chris Balser
Bicycle Fit Guru is an Official IBFI Level-4 Training Center
One of the only facilities world-wide certified to provide sEMG training for Level-4 applicants

Now accepting applications for the Bicycle Fit Guru Cycling Analysis/Bicycle Fit Training Program

December, 2017

Emphasis on Tri/TT Fitting

All classes conducted 1:1


Each 4-Day Training Includes:


  • Student-Specific Syllabus
  • Hands-On Review of Current Technologies
  • Personalized Area of Concentration
  • Participation in 1-4 Fittings Daily


Training Curriculum Examples:


  • BTS Bioengineering 3D and sEMG Sports Lab Integration Protocols
  • Programming sEMG Protocols for Cycling Analysis
  • Programming Custom 3D Protocols for Fitting and Pre-Fit Evaluations
  • SEMG Biofeedback Training for Overuse Injuries
  • Retul Zinn and Frame Finder Training for Specialized Bicycles
  • Size Cycle Pre-Fitting (Purely Custom and Biobike)
  • Force and Trajectory Analysis using iCranks
  • 2D/Video Motion Analysis Trianing
  • Using Bike CAD for Custom Designs and Frame Finder Applications
  • Cycling Specific Custom Insole Design and Footbed Modifications
  • GeBiomized Saddle Pressure Sensor Technology
  • Utilizing Muscle Oxygen in Bike Fit and Crank Selection


Investment: $3,000

I do not accept all aplicants for training.

Please contact me directly to schedule a preliminary interview

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