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Standard Bike Fitting


Standard Fittings are Equal to the Comprehensive Fittings offered at most bike shops.

Ideal for cyclists without injuires, requiring minimal component changes

Includes pre-evaluation, comprehensive fitting and outcome data.

Does not include a positive outcome guarantee, custom insoles or follow-ups

Comprehensive Bike Fitting


The Comprehensive Fitting is for cyclists interested in a transformational cycling experience.

Guaranteed resolution of cycling-related symptoms, consultation and install for basic component changes

Includes pre-evaluation, comprehensive fitting, custom insoles, follow-up appointment(s) and outcome data.

Positive Outcome Guarantee

Complex Bike Fitting


The complex fitting service is for surgical assessmentr/ehabilitation, chronic injuries and complex musculoskeletal issues.

Includes collaboration with existing medical network and/or referral(s) to Minnesota's leading practitioners.

Please contact me directly to review your case before booking an appointment.

Positive Outcome Guarantee

(Requires compliance with interventions)

Existing Client Services


This services is for former clients seeking adjustments for new shoes or other minor component changes.

Does not include fitting additional/other bikes

Within 2-years of initial session

Bicycle Fit Guru TT Tri Fitting


Bicycle Fit Guru Road Cross Fitting


Bicycle Fit Guru MTB Fat Fitting


Bicycle Fit Guru Comfort Cruser Fitting


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