Tim Mikulance – Triathlete

Tim Mikulance – Triathlete


Let me first say thank you for your time two weeks ago when we came up to MN.  I am very confident I am “locked in” now and the footbeds/shoe  combination works like a charm.  I was able to ride indoors a few times since seeing you, but I finally today had a chance to put some “quaility” miles in with efforts.  Andy Neary, and Jay (Jason) Zellner, teammates of mine who you have fit also, all went out today for a Team ride.  We started with a large group on a noodle ride for 18 miles, then broke out into our own group.  Once we broke out, it was on, we all joked how we should get signs on our jerseys that read “FIT BY CHRIS” 🙂  just to let everyone know why they couldn’t keep up with up..LOL!  Anyways, we got out and did some tempo work and some “efforts”, and let me tell you, not only did we rock the tempo efforts, but they were both looking at me like WTF!  What is up with this guy 🙂  I felt like 25mph was easy and decided to push it a bit, well the next thing I look down and my legs are carrying me to 29mph like it used to be at 22-23mph.  This is unreal Chris, I now feel like I am going to be able to turn some heads.  I am a big guy, so when I start to cruise past guys that are 50-75 lbs less than me, I am going to have to smile a bit because I know I am where I need to be.  Not only are the footbeds and shoes helping me while cycling, I have actually took my old ones out and put them in my running shoes, and I can report that my ankles have been feeling ALOT better and I am able to run without much discomfort.  So for all of your hard work and knowledge I want to say THANK YOU!


TRX Level 1 Group Suspension Training/Endurance

TRX Level 2 Sports Medicine Certified

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