Bryan J. Gran — Competitive Triathlete

Bryan J. Gran — Competitive Triathlete

Dear Chris,

I wanted to thank you for all your help you provided to Stacy and I with our bike fits.  You were able to get Stacy fitted on her bike which allowed her to not only ride again but also to complete.  Given her hip and neck surgery we really wondered if she could ride again.  You took the time to work with her and she is not only riding she completed in a Olympic Triathlon this past weekend.  Great job helping her.

I completed Ironman Wisconsin two weeks ago.  My bike was absolutely perfect and I never had an issue with fit or comfort.  The biggest thing was you taking the time to work with me to find the right bike.  The Cervelo P2 is an incredible bike and it works so well for me.  Having you as part of my Ironman team help me realize my goal.  Big thank you.


The biggest thank you is for taking all the time you did to work with both of us to ensure our bikes fit.  I told you once that you treat us like we are pro athletes and we will never forget your reply.  You said you just enjoyed working with people who were serious about cycling and who were just as committed to working with you to get the bike fit.  You do some really good work.


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