Sean Bartels — Competitive Triathlete

Sean Bartels — Competitive Triathlete

Hi Chris…Well…I must say, I’m impressed.   Here is how it breaks down for the sprint Tri one day after the fit.

Left IT Band issues – nowhere to be found.   The turn-around point for the race is a 1.5-mile climb up “Mount Hudson”.  If anything was going to ignite my left IT, this would have.

Transition to the run = my legs have never felt so fresh.  I was shocked, it was almost if I hadn’t biked at all.

Average Speed  = I felt much more power, I was certainly able to maintain faster speeds, but I was not disciplined enough to “back-off”; therefore, I bonked the climb and killed my average.  So, my final average speed improvement is yet TBD after I take on some longer rides.

Overall position = much more comfortable and natural.  I didn’t feel like I was forced into a certain position and cramped.

Major improvement here.

St Croix Valley Triathlon

Overall Place – 14th

Age Group – 8th

I am much more confident with the bike fit as I start to prepare for an Ironman next year.

Thanks Again Chris.  You are a genius.

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