Michele Brougher — Randonneur Rider

Michele Brougher — Randonneur Rider

Last weekend, I shipped the bike to Louisville, KY and did my final Paris-Brest-Paris qualifier, an extremely hilly 600k (about 27,000 ft of climbing) in 38 hours.  I am now the first person in Minnesota to qualify for PBP in 2011 and I finished this ride looking better than I ever have with no pain.  I know that the changes Chris made to the bike made a huge difference.

It can’t be a simple thing to fit a randonneur.  Most of the problems I was trying to solve didn’t even begin to surface until about 175 miles.  Chris’ patience and expertise were vital in getting me through a slew of nasty injuries brought on by years of improper fitting.  So many tiny things coming together that all needed detailed examination and fitting from changing positioning to changing parts, many of which I had just “assumed” were fine.  Chris has an understanding of how the body moves and how that translates onto a bicycle was different from any other fitting that I ever had.  His advice and experience allowed me to continue riding last year and rebuild after a severe hamstring injury; he would re-tune the bike to match the various stages of the physical therapy schedule which probably took months off the recovery.  He had the patience to follow through until things were right. There isn’t really any substitute for experience and I would not go anywhere else now.

For anyone going into the sport of ultra cycling, I would not hesitate to refer them to Chris.  It’s rare to find some one with expertise in this area and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Michele Brougher

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