Marcus Stromberg — Elite Triathlete

Marcus Stromberg — Elite Triathlete


I wanted to take the time to thank you for the help you’ve given me this offseason dialing in my bike fit and working with me on my peddle efficiency.

This Saturday I had an incredible performance at the Chain of Lakes Triathlon in Alexandria, MN.  All three legs of the race were very balanced from a performance standpoint.  What continues to amaze me though after working with you is how not only has my bike performance increased as well as my comfort on the bike but also my run performance.  Granted I have put a lot of focus into my run training this offseason but it use to be that it would take me a mile to a mile and a half for my legs to come in on the run.  Now, however I don’t experience that at all.  In fact in this race I actually had to throttle back on the run out of transition because I was comfortably running at a pace I was concerned I couldn’t sustain.

Thanks again for your overwhelming desire to make me and all those that you work with better athletes, your enthusiastic attitude is inspiring.


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