Lynn Vogt — Triathlete

Lynn Vogt — Triathlete

Chris — Thanks again for my bike fit that you did for me in April. I really feel like one with my tri bike now. My first race was yesterday at Trinona. Conditions were less than ideal with the rain, however I still averaged 23.9 mph on the bike – which included the famed climb up Garvin Heights Road. I took first in my age division – 65 & up. But I’m most proud of the fact that only two men 50 & over were able to best my time (and they did it on the run).

I have also ridden several times over a flatter 25 mile trail system around home. I go out and back on the trail giving me 51 miles total. There are road crossings about every mile, where you need to prepare to stop, yet I’m able to average 21.0 mph for the trip. This is giving me great confidence for the August half-iron distance SuperiorMan Tri in Duluth.

Just thought I’d let you know that I consider my fit a complete success – with results to reinforce that idea.

Thanks — Lynn

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