I came to your store in March to have you measure me for shoes because I had constant pain in my feet while riding.

During our talk you said that my problem may have been caused by medication I was taking, and you appear to have been spot-on.  I think that  a medication for high Blood pressure was causing my discomfort and pain, I’ve since experimented with not taking certain meds for a short time, and almost immediately upon discontinuing, my pain (mostly) disappeared and I am able to take increasingly longer rides without most of the problems I previously encountered.

I (and my Doctor) would never have guessed it to be as simple as this (I’ve been to 2 podiatrists, a nerve doctor and my GP).  It’s unfortunate that I did not talk to you sooner because I have done some minor damage to the nerves over the past several years by continuing to ride when they were inflamed, but it’s great to get out and ride 20 miles or so without any problems, and I’m looking forward to a century after I get back in shape and the nerve damage isn’t severe or too life altering.

Thank you, I asked my doctor why such a solution wasn’t provided by him, after time and again I complained about my foot pain and he said he didn’t know.  I’m getting a new doctor!   One of the extra benefits of discontinuing this medication is that pain I’ve had in my shoulders as well as fatigue (both problems I considered a factor in reduced riding) are gone.

I am glad I took the time to come to Minneapolis, and happy that you made that observation because it appears to have made my bicycle a very busy summer product once again.

Thanks again, just thought you’d like to know that even the smallest things, the off the wall comment or observation can be the one that works.


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