Dustin Warner – Ironman Triathlete

Dustin Warner – Ironman Triathlete


For every mile traveled be it on the road or trainer, I have come to realize the value of having an optimal bike fit.  After riding my Quintana Roo Kilo for several years, I became accustomed to what I thought was insignificant toe numbness and a sore saddle.  However, after you took my dimensions, introduced a new pair of LG shoes, and fit my bike, form and function were interwoven together.  To that end my QR took to me to IM Wisconsin, and the bike felt great.  I ran my marathon about 10 minutes faster than I anticipated.

Knowing that my bike served its purpose, I was ready to upgrade.  You met me at Gear West Bike and Tri.  You and Kevin O’Connor identified the right bike for my dimensions as opposed to retrofitting a bike in “hopes” of a proper fit.  I am grateful for your invaluable service and look forward racing my QR Lucero next season.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Dustin Warner

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