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  • Fit Bike? or Size Cycle?

Fit Bike? or Size Cycle?

  • January 9th, 2015


The concept of a motorized or mechanically actuated fitting machine seems like a wonderful technological advancement in the world of bicycle fitting.  I certainly thought it was, when I decided to buy a Purely Custom Size Cycle and Biobike, two of many options that include the Guru DFU, Exit Cycle, […]

  • Off-Season Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis

Off-Season Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis

  • December 7th, 2014

Bicycle Fit Guru Bike Fitting and Cycling Analysis for Triathletes 
Off-Season training is the best time of year to improve your cycling position.  The 0ptimal Tri-position balances aerodynamics and comfort, without negatively impacting a triathlete’s ability to get off the bike and  run — FAST!

Muscle recruitment patterns are position-specific (which […]

  • Fat Bike Fitting

Fat Bike Fitting

  • February 17th, 2014

Fat Bike fitting —  Minnetonka Studio!

Fat Bikes are designed with 170 or 190 rear drop-outs, which are too wide for Stationary Trainers.  The tire is also very tall, so simply cutting a trainer in half, and adding extensions is not an option.

Good news is that I’ve been conducting successful Fat […]

  • Advanced Biomechanics Lab — World Class Technology!

Advanced Biomechanics Lab — World Class Technology!

  • July 9th, 2013

Studio “B” Integrates the most advanced tools in the world for Bike Fitting.
Services Include:
Unbiased Pre-Purchase Fittings, Injury Diagnosis/Rehab, and Efficiency Training, using the integrated sEMG (biofeedback) and independent icranks.

BTS Bioengineering Sports Lab
The BTS Bioengineering Sports Lab  is the only system in the world that provides seamless integration of TRUE […]