Sidas and Footbalance Custom Insoles

The best option for foot support when cycling is Custom/Conformable insoles.

Our feet are entirely unique, so over-the-counter insoles will always over/under-support the foot because they are designed for the masses.

Conformable insoles custom, but NOT corrective.  They are designed to optimize pressure distribution between foot and shoe by mirroring your foot in the last.

This eliminates the need for foot-pressure technology.   Even the best off-shelf insole will demonstrate inferior pressure distribution when compared to a fully custom/conformable solution.

Both options are available onsite, including a money-back guarantee and warranty.

Cost $100.

Footbalance Insoles

Footbalance Insoles are extremely light and low-volume.  Ideal for all shoes.



Sidas Conformable Insoles

Sidas Conformable Insoles are heavier and consume more volume.  These are designed to hold each metatarsal head in a way that addresses the “toe-gripper” and people with extensive foot issues.


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