Purely Custom Size Cycle


A “fit” or “size” bicycle is a necessary tool for every, good fit studio, providing fully- adjustable geometry to determine optimal new and custom bike purchases.

The Serotta Size Cycle is one of the most advanced dynamic fit devices on the market.  Every adjustment – saddle height, fore, aft; handlebar height and reach; geometry – occurs under load, without interrupting the cyclist riding.   The integrated racermate “spinscan” reflects pedal stroke, efficiency, power and symmetry in relation to adjustments to increase confidence during modifications.  This is an exceptional tool for drafting an unbiased design for current, new and custom bikes.

I caution against using Fit Bike documentation as the final solution for bike positioning.  They are great for determining the right size bike, approximate saddle/handlebar positions, and pedaling analysis.  Next step is to get these dimensions onto a bike, on a trainer, for refinement. And after riding outside, on the road/dirt/track, back for “tweaking” the fit.

(These services should be included in the original fees paid)

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