BTS Bioengineering Sports lab

BTS Bioengineering Sports lab

BTS Bioengineering Sports Lab

BTS Bioengineering integrates 3D & sEMG for a variety of Sports Applications, considered aWorld Leader in Motion Analysis by institutions like NASA, the Mayo Clinic, and more.

Services Include:

Metabolic Testing, Injury Diagnosis & Rehab, Gait Analysis, Pedaling Efficiency Assessment and Training, Muslce Oxygen Testing, and Private Yoga Instruction.

Custom Programs/Protocols available for Fit, Symmetry Analysis and Musculoskeletal Imbalances/Injuries

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Biobike is the most advanced “robotic” fit bike available.  Fully automated fitting, Real-Time Torque Analysis, Seamless sEMG (BTS Biotechnologies)  integration, Independent/Dependent Arm iCcranks, Outcome Data in CAD format (transferable to all bicycle manufacturers/models), and Swipe Card Recgonition




  The ICrank is a dual-arm power meter system based on the Power Crank design.  This is the only system that provides reliable & valid data pertaining to leg function, comparing “fixed” and “independent” conditions avg. power, peak torque angles and efficiency.  Common to find one leg present stronger (more watts) simply because it is working HARDER to get the contralateral leg over TDC.  Causes?  Asymmetrical morphology, fascial constraints, hip ROM, posas, etc.

Strong argument in favor of a single-arm power meter for training;)

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