Bicycle Fitting Services

My career spans 27+ years, now seeing more than 600-cyclists annually with one of the highest satisfaction rates in the world.  I attribute my success to a strong background in human biomechanics, experience, mechanical aptitude and interpersonal skills — not technology or bike fit “school” trainings.

My Philosophy Regarding Bike Fit

This has earned me the highest level of International Certification

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I believe that cycling should be enjoyable for everyone — regardless of size, shape, weight, objective, experience — and that proper bike fit is integral to that outcome.  We are as individual as our voice, and each person deserves the same amount of consideration in pursuit of a positive outcome.

That outcome should meet or exceed all expectations regarding what it means to ride a bike, providing related concerns are cycling-specific.

I apologize in advance for my busy schedule.  Booking is typically 1-3-moths during peak-season, and 1-2-weeks, off-season.   The majority of my clients arrive dissatisfied with former fittings elsewhere, so it might be worth the wait to have a good outcome — guaranteed.

If you are currently experiencing cycling related pain that prevents you from riding, please contact me directly and I will do my best to get you in on short-notice.


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