List of World-Class Bike Fitters

List of World-Class Bike Fitters

Network of Fitters

I’m too close with the shops in MN to make a specific recommendation for Bike Fitting.

 I’d also feel indirectly resonsible for the outcome.

My advice is to find someone with 10+ years experience, who does not rely technology for fitting. This person should have a space dedicated exclusively to fitting, stocked with a ton of saddles, stems, handlebars, shims, nuts, bolts and hopefully a dog or cat.

We have at least 4-people between St. Paul and Minneapolis other than myself who meet these qualifications.

BFG Personal Endorsement

I’ve worked with each person on this list and consider them the best in our industry.  Each person has more than 20-years fitting experience, impressive mechanical aptitude, comprehensive knowledge of cycling-biomechanics, and remarkable outcome statistics.

(In no Specific Order)


Austin, TX

Jerry Gerlich

Las Vegas, NV

Greg Choat

Houston, TX

Tad Hughes

Madison, WI

Craig Watson


Happy Freedman

Delmar, NY

Steven LeBoyer

Sydney AU

Steve Hogg

Newbury, England

Scherrit Knoesen

Boulder, CO

Colby Pearce

Waldorf, MD

Chris Richardson

Ontario, CA

Mark Dwyre

Singapore & UAE

Toby Jones

Melbourne, AU

Neill Stanbury

Scottsdale, AZ

Paraic McGlynn

San Jose, CA

Curtis Cramblett

Novi, MI

Brian Adams

Woburn, MA

Greg Robidoux

Santa Cruz, CA

Wade Hall

Portland, OR

Michael Sylvester

Santa Monica, CA

Steven Carre

Herndon, VA

Doug Baumgarten



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