Lake Shoe Seminar @ Interbike 2016 with Jerry Gerlich

Lake Shoe Seminar @ Interbike 2016 with Jerry Gerlich

Jerry and I will be presenting at the Lake Shoe Seminar, 11am, Thursday morning.

If you miss us there, we’ll be hovering around the Lake booth throughout the show, answering questions about the 2017 Lake Cycling Shoes and providing fit-tips to prospective dealers.

I stole the following information from Jerry’s Facebook Page:



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Not for the faint of heart! As many cyclists know, riding stationary rollers is challenging, but it is also a great way to improve consistency on a bike and the ability to cycle in a straight line. Additionally, it can be a diagnostic tool for bike fitting.

During a fitting session, optimizing arch support, cleat position, foot angle, and saddle position usually results in a smoother performance on the rollers. One evaluation of this result can be a reduction in sensory input, such as covering the dominant eye. Covering the dominant eye while doing any physical activity requires increased nervous system awareness. At the end of a fitting session, riding the rollers smoothly and hands-free with the dominant eye covered is a challenge, but it is also a great indicator that proprioception, balance, and ergonomics are consequently optimized.

I’m looking forward to sharing unique shoe fit and adjustment tips with Chris Balser next Thursday the 22nd from 11:00-noon at Interbike through Lake Cycling shoes. Welcome to the cutting edge of optimized bike positioning with Chris Balser and Jerry Gerlich.


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