Seven Cycles

Seven Cycles

Bicycle Fit Guru is proud to be a member of the Seven Cycle Dealer Network.

Seven Cycles was established in January of 1997, when Rob Vandermark (and others) left Merlin Metalworks in response to the impending Saucony buyout.  Merlin bicycles were famous for meticulous welds, alignment and ride quality, and Rob wanted to ensure a promising future for titanium frame manufacturing.

I bought my first Seven in April of 2007 — a few months after the company was established.  I’d been racing for Merlin, looking for Seven to continue my sponsorship with a new bike.  They wouldn’t give me a frame, but agreed to sell me one at employee cost.  I asked if I’d notice much difference between the Merlin and Seven, which initiated an hour-long conversation about Seven’s unique approach to custom frame manufacturing.  Impressive “pitch” but nothing compared to the first experience on my new Seven Sola;)

What’s so special?

Seven’s frame design considers weight, morphology, riding style and numerous other metrics, offered in a variety of tubeset options including straight-gauge, ultra-butted (internal/external) and carbon fiber.  This means that the length, diameter, thickness and butting (amount and location) of each tube is client-specific, creating a seamless integration between rider and bike characteristics.

Compared to Carbon?

Most of the Seven models are about 1lb heavier than high-end production carbon fiber frames with comparable pricing.

Benefits to owning a Seven?

Exceptional ride quality, lifetime limited-warranty, custom design, fit and finish, hand-made in the USA







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