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Scappa Bicycles

Bicycle Fit Guru is Scappa Bicycle’s US destination for Custom Fittings.  My introduction to Scappa this summer, through Stewart Williams (Biobike), was fortuitous for both parties. They needed someone who could help prospective client’s achieve the ideal cycling position using Biobike technology, and I needed a top-notch custom frame builder with a disturbing attention to detail. Scappa represents the evolution of  Custom Bicycles:  Italian worksmanship, beauty, and design, 650-gram framesets (55cm Purosangue), entirely custom sizing, and a lifetime warranty — Ive yet to see anything comparable in the industry.   Models include Road (Elite, Aero, Gran Fondo), Mountain, TT/Tri, and Women Sepcific, and customization options are nearly endless.

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Limited Edition 2014


Designed specially for clients who seek not only a bespoke bicycle but also perfection we offer for 2014 a Limited Edition based on our super, top selling Purosangue frameset, producing only 5 excusive pieces.

  This Limited Edition steed is not only made to measure but also made for the client’s specific weight and need. To be able to manufacture a frame for these needs we are obliged to use a different tubing material than normal. This will guarantee for optimal weight and perfect comfort and fit.   The first stage is a meticulous body measurement followed by a consultation to understand the background and usage of the future rider.
  A certified fitter will then talk him/her through the possibilities of components and colours to build the bike of his/her dreams. Armed with all this information the individual frameset will be simulated on the computer and the riding position controlled. When the client and we are completely satisfied we can start to produce the frame with the finest Italian made carbon fibre tubes. This process takes up to 60 craftsman hours.   As soon as the frameset is ready and finally checked we then proceed with the painting. This process takes 3 days and is also done by hand in Italy. All parts such as Handlebar, Stem, Seat post are painted at the same time to match the color and style perfectly.   When the painting is finished we carefully check the frame and apply the Scappa horse head logo on the head tube. As an added service every single frame contains a NFC Chip positioned underneath this logo. This contains all the information about the frame and bike, ma- king the product really dedicated to his owner. Furthermore, this chip enables us to stay in touch with our clients and vise- versa. The client is free to contact us easily by using the Scappa app on a mobile phone or on a computer.   The frameset is then ready for shipment or the complete bike will be built in our workshop. On top off all these exclusive steps we grant our clients for all Scappa products a lifetime warranty and an exceptional after sales service.

With this next level experience Frameset/Bike exclusivity really has new limits.

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