Saddle Height & 45-North Boots

Saddle Height & 45-North Boots


The 45-North line of winter cycling boots incorporate many features to ensure feet stay warm and dry, from inclement to artic conditions.

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The Impact of Winter Boot Shank Thickness and Insulation on Saddle Height

Insulation and shank thickness are pertainent to bike fitting, as these increase the distance between foot and pedal which correlates directly to saddle height.

For simplicity, I’ll refer to the material between insole and cleat as the shoe’s shank.

The quantity of insulation in a winter boot impacts foot warmth, but qualty is an important feature too. Notice that the shank is thinner on the Wolfgar than the Wolvhammer?  That is because the lining cost 4x-more for that boot, reducing foot-pedal distance while mantaining the best thermal properties in the industry.

Fat Bike Q-factor(s) contribute a reduction in saddle height, though this value is minimal when compared to changes in combined shank/insole stack and/or crank length.

MTB Stack vs. FAT Stack

Each cycling shoe has a unique shank thickness, but most average between 3.6-7mm.

Insoles typically contribute an additional 2-5mm.

Lake MX331 without Insole


45-North Japanther — Includes Lining without Insole

45-North Wolvhammer — Includes Lining without Insole

45-North Wolfgar — Includes Lining without Insole


Cleat and Saddle Adjustments for 45-North Boots:

1. Measure the distance from cleat mount and heel to ensure symmetry between shoes.

2. Observe the Internal and External limits of your MTB shoe setup.

3. Mount the cleats at the same fore/aft as your existing MTB shoes and adjust Internal float slightly more inward to accommodate the increased Q-Factor:


4. Buy this $26.00 device on Amazon

5. Measure Existing MTB Shank

Shimano S-Phyre = 3.9

6. Measure the Existing Insole

Solestar Insole 3.5

Total = 7.4


Combine the Measurement of your 45-North Boot and Insole

(Or “Other” Insole)

Subtract the MTB total Stack Value from the 45-North total Stack Value


Wolvhammer – 20.10


MTB – 7.4


+12.7 mm Saddle Height

Optional: Increase Handlebar Height 1.0-1.5 cm


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