EMG Biofeedback to Reduce Counterproductive Pedaling

EMG Biofeedback to Reduce Counterproductive Pedaling

This diagram illustrates counterproductive pedaling. The size of the arrow indicates amount and direction of force produced at the pedal when cycling. The subject is Lance Armstrong.

Here is Adam on his Winter/Conservative Fitting, demonstrating the effect of EMG biofeedback on Pedaling Efficiency. Please ignore the fish-eye effect. ¬†This was the best technology available at the time 120 fps — Machine Camera

Can you tell which is “normal” and “improved”?

Subjects gain between 20-50 watts from 1-trail – moderate tempo.

HR controlled in 120 subjects, over two-year study.

Patent pending on methodology.

I am not responsible injury resulting from the “others” user/coach/fitter errors.

These techniques are intended for use with EMG only.