The Biobike is a Fully Automated, Mechanically Actuated, Dynamic Fit Bike and Ergometer.

Very Cool!

It is similar to the  Guru, SICI, Retul Muve, and Shimano, with additional software/hardware for advanced pedaling analysis, independent leg-function assessemnt, and biofeedback training.

I use the Biobike for New Bike Pre-Fitting, Custom Frame Design, Perfomance and Efficiency Training.

Final adjustments and fittings and follow-ups are conducted on the Client’s Bike to ensure positive outcomes.

There is NO substitute for fitting a client on the bicycle that he/she intends to ride.


-Aerodynamic Design for Dynamic Wind Tunnel Fitting

-Fully Automated (remote, automated adjustments for lazy people)

-Swipe Card Recognition for Fit Settings

– Independent/Fixed-Cranks

-Integrated with the BTS Bioengineering sEMG and 3D programs

-CAD Documentation


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