Bicycle Fit Guru Trainings

Now accepting applications for the Bicycle Fit Guru Cycling Analysis/Bicycle Fit Training Program

Emphasis on Tri/TT Fitting

All classes conducted 1:1

 October, November & December Only

We are a  network of people dedicated to superior outcomes and customer service

Each 4-Day Training Includes:

  • Student-specific syllabus
  • Hands-on review of major fitting schools and technology
  • Comprehensive training in areas of concentration
  • Participation in 1-4 fittings each day (non-paying clients)


Technology Practicum Options:

  • BTS Bioengineering 3D and EMG Sports Lab
  • Retul (3D Motion Analysis & Frame Finder)
  • Biobike Automated Size Cycle
  • Salsa, Purely Custom and Retul Muve Adjustable Stems
  • Purely Custom (SICI/Trek/Cyclologic/geBiomized) Size Cycle
  • iCranks
  • Quintic, & Kinova 2D Video Motion Analysis
  • Bike CAD
  • Racer Mate Computrainer (3D, Coaching, SpinScan)
  • Sidas Custom Conformable Insoles
  • FootBalance Custom Conformable Insoles
  • GeBiomized Saddle Pressure Sensor Technology
  • Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor


Investment: $3,000


To apply: Go to and use the contact form to schedule a formal interview.


Application Review and Admission:

– Availability (coordinating your schedule and mine)

– Experience (what other training you have received, whether you are currently fitting, etc.)

– Circumstance (the reasons why you want to train with me)

– Dedication to provide exceptional customer service (outcome based services)

– Continued education/research (your desire and ability to keep learning about the products, industry, and fitting)