Sidas Fully Conformable Footbeds

Sidas Fully Conformable Footbeds

I recently acquired the Sidas custom conform ‘able foot-beds system, and it is great!

There are a base-molds  for cycling, running, and skiing – each with materials specific to the sport – that conform perfectly to the foot via my fancy machine.   I can modify the foot-beds with [accurate] metatarsal supports, forefoot and heel-posting, neutral talus, etc., as needed, which is truly a gift for people who struggle with foot pain.

Why conformable?

Because  podiatrists tend to design orthotics for weight-bearing, bipedal activities.  These work great for running and skiing, but not for cycling.   Cycling does not involve the heel-strike, tibial-roation,  and pronation found in all weight-bearing, bipedal activities.   My experience is that these insoles are over-corrective, frequently accompanied by heel-lifts/posting, and support that ends short of the distal metatarsal (toe-knuckles).   The conformable emphasize support throughout the entire foot, holding each toe with respect and kindness.

What about other cycling-specific insoles?

There is no comparison.  Even the “best” are either too long/short in the longitudinal arch, too deep/shallow in the transverse arch.  If your feet hurt, it is a message to your brain saying, “something is wrong – where is the love?”  Sure, your feet will get used to some pain over time, but only conforming to the insoles, which translates into altered connective tissue, proprioception and muscle.

You can only appreciate the difference by trying them.   You will forget about your feet, have better patellar tracking, more power, endurance and joy.