Trek Speed Concept CAD

Trek Speed Concept CAD

I’ve been working with Brent Curry, at Bicycle Forest, to design a fit-system for the Trek Speed Concept Bicycles.


Because Trek designates frame size based on variables that include no methodology.

I’m currently swamped with prospective customers and frustrated sales-people, trying to determine:

1. Saddle Height

2. Arm Pad Stack

3 Arm Pad Reach

4. Base Bar Stack

5. Base Bar Reach

It is easy to find these dimensions on the Serotta Fit Bike, but most bike-shop staff are without the means and/or time to do the same.

Hopefully this will help:

The Speed Concept CAD generates approximate saddle, arm-pad, and base-bar coordinates to place orders with Trek. It will also provide an exacting model, which can be manipulated for personal preference.

Thanks, Brent. You are the master of Bike CAD.