Scott Penticoff – “Admission Possible Charity” – Support his Team!!

Scott Penticoff – “Admission Possible Charity” – Support his Team!!

Scott Penticoff is a local coach, elite athlete, and great person.  I encourage you to support his team “AD4AP” in this event.



Dear Friend,

This June, a team of runners and I are taking on a challenge that will be both physically exhausting but simultaneously one of the most fulfilling experiences of our lives.  I am asking for you to support us in this endeavor and to help us generate awareness and raise critical funds to help change the lives of low-income students in the Twin Cities.

It officially starts as you all may know or heard I am running the Black Hills 100 for Admission Possible, I did this for them in 2008 with the Himalayan 100.  Although the Himalayan race was the toughest physical challenge of my life, the Black Hills is surely going to be an even greater challenge now that I will have to run the 100 miles all at the same time.  I realize that you all get asked to give to many great causes throughout the year, but I am asking for your support for this worthy organization.  I know that education is such an important part of your lives, and these kids not only change their own future but will impact their own family for generations to come that a college education is something that we all can achieve with the right support.  The other aspect I love about Admission Possible is the work ethic and perseverance these kids display for 2 years to complete the program.  The results are astounding with 99% getting accepted and attending college after graduating high school, simply amazing!  Lastly, we have a challenge grant program where every dollar you give is equally matched.  I hope you consider supporting me trying to make a difference.

Team AD4AP (All Day for Admission Possible) consists of a group of civic minded individuals and three Admission Possible board members,  who hope to run 100 miles of mountainous terrain together to achieve one of the  most challenging goals any of us has set for ourselves.  As we look ahead at this seemingly arduous challenge, we take inspiration from the 1,400 low income high school students currently participating in a program called Admission Possible, an intensive college preparatory program for low-income students who want to fulfill their dream of going to college, changing their life forever.

This 100 mile race through the Black Hills of South Dakota will likely challenge my spirit and endurance like no other race I have run.  Just like the prospect of college for these students, taking on such a daunting challenge offers the most fulfilling rewards when accomplished.  For them, they will have conquered a seemingly impossible obstacle and changed the direction of their lives forever.  For me, the reward of putting myself up against such a physical and mentally challenging endeavor will be the emotional reward that comes with giving back to an organization that I know is making a difference.

Team AD4AP’s goal is to raise $60,000 for Admission Possible’s mission and to help them provide their programming to even more low-income students right here in the Twin Cities this fall.  First time contributions will be matched 1:1 by a generous grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation. Donate now by visiting us online at

To support AD4AP efforts make a donation by visiting this website:

If you would like to read more about the runners and our efforts visit our website: or become a fan on Facebook

Along with Admission Possible, I envision a day when students’ futures are determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort, but this will only happen with your support. Please join me in making this vision a reality.  Give what you can – together we can truly make a difference!

Attached to this email is a flyer that provides information how your money works.  If you wish to speak to someone about your gift or would like more information on Admission Possible, please email Jill Edsen at

Thanks for your support!

Scott Penticoff

P.S. Don’t forget that your first time contribution will be generously matched by the Otto Bremer Foundation!